2017 Kid's Night   

Kids Night will be Themed Pirates of the Seas and Wild West Ghost Town    

You and your Child will search the Hotel Of Terror to help find the Treasure

They will have to search  all 4 floors and talk to the Pirates on 10/22

and Cowboys and Indians on 10/29 to find the Treasure    

Here are the Only times for the Hunt for the  2017 Season 

Sunday October 22nd and Sunday October 29th

From 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM ONLY

What to expect               

                                                     1. Nothing too Scary                        

                                                      2. Nothing animated jumping out

                                                      3. More Lights (We will offer a flashlight to your child)

                                                      4. Special Pricing $7.00 per person Child or Adult

                                                      5. No Scary Music 

                                                      6. No one jumping out at your child 

It will be an Adventure that your Child will remember the rest of their life